You've Got To Be Semi-Mental To Buy This Toasted And Smashed 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS QV

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No engine. No gearbox. No interior. No hope?

The Ferrari 308 GTS QV, like most classic Ferraris, is quickly increasing in value. This particular one, however, well, is a different story. Although its current top bid on ebay, as of this writing, is only $810, there's something any prospective buyer needs to know. A few things, actually. This 308 QV lacks an engine, transmission, interior and a host of other parts required to make it drivable. Not only has it been in an accident, but there's also some serious fire damage. Must've been a hell of an accident.

The seller believes it to be a Euro-spec 308 QV, which under normal circumstances would make this a hot buy (no pun intended), but fires and crashes have a history of destroying any car's value. And yet 23 bids have been placed, and there's still another three days left for the auction. Whoever the winner is, we really do wish you the best. Restoring cars is already a long and expensive process with plenty of headaches. But this destroyed 308 QV could cause extreme mental health issues. Photos courtesy of mikroling_0/ebay

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