You've Got to See How Bad these Car Music Videos are to Believe It

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These are so bad they are a must watch.

Andy Sandberg , JT and other SNL vets helped usher in a new era of awesome music parodies on Youtube. These videos below, courtesy of Car Throttle, represent the polar opposite. They're up there with the video that still gives us nightmares. The team's newest video is a VW Beetle parody of Eminem's "Cleanin Out My Closet". We now realize these guys are actually super talented at making painfully bad videos you'll do well to watch until the end.

The longest any of the CarBuzz writers made it through these series of videos was 1:40. We would love to see you try to beat that and post your scores in the comments. Good luck you're going to need it!

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The parody of "What Makes You Beautiful" with "In My Mazda MX-5" is just shockingly embarrasing. We don't even know what gender they are singing to. Transsexuals, perhaps?

If you have made it this far, good on you. Your reward is their take on Daft Punk's "Get Lucky with "My Mini."

Wow you really like torturing yourself. Fine. It doesn't get worse than this. They are not above making their own Peugeot rap video "Do You Rate My 308". Warning: if you've made it this far your ears may now be bleeding, seek medical assistance immediately.

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