You've Got To See The Big Stig Statue On Its Way To Poland


Replacing some old communist statues are we now?

The now gone communist regimes of Central and Eastern Europe (not to mention Soviet Russia) loved statues. Like really loved them. Sure, the US has the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial but the sheer number of Stalin and Lenin statues back during the Cold War was just astounding. They're now either in museums or gone completely. But Warsaw, Poland apparently misses having them. To make up for this, a 29-foot Stig statue is currently on its way to the Polish capital.

The reason is that the BBC wants to promote its new channel, BBC Brit, which will begin to air in Poland on February 1. And what's the BBC's most popular show? You guessed right: Top Gear. Not enough people would appreciate a Doctor Who statue. Before it arrives in Warsaw, the Giant Stig will make stops in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Poznan.

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