You've Gotta See This Ford GT40 Tackle An Insane Japanese Hill Climb


Oh yeah, let's not forget the BMW Z4 Super GT, among others.

Welcome to the Mazda turnpike, located on Hakone mountain. It's not like typical highways or other toll roads. This is a stretch of winding road that, when going fast, can quickly become deadly. And, of course, there's always someone willing to push their driving limits to the maximum. In this case, it's called a hill climb. This is the first ever Motorhead Hill Climb, sponsored by Recaro, where groups of pro Super GT and drift drivers are attempting the treacherous, yet beautifully scenic climb. Their weapons of choice?

Among them, a racing-prepped BMW Z4 and a modified Ford GT40. We advise everyone to make sure the volume is turned up before watching this video. Trust us, you'll quickly understand why. Enjoy.


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