You've Missed Your Chance If You Wanted A Caterham Seven Sprint

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Seven days after release, they're all sold out.

We like cars that are small, lightweight and fun to drive, so it's no surprise that we rate Caterhams highly, and especially the lower power ones like the Seven 160 that let you thrash the hell out of them at saner speeds. Even so, as we discussed when the car was first revealed, the rather pricey Caterham Seven Sprint wasn't really our cup of tea. But it seems many loved it, as Caterham's managed to sell every single Sprint in the space of a week.

Despite costing the equivalent of $37,000 (the Seven Sprint was only ever offered in Europe), all 60 units of this 80-hp special edition that Caterham will ever make were sold within seven days of the vehicle's unveiling at this year's Goodwood Revival, with the last apparently being accounted for by 11 am on Friday September 16. Given Caterham typically sells around 500 or so cars per year globally, the British sports car maker also handily points out that the Seven Sprint means it's sold over 10% of its annual target in the space of a week. And, we presume, quite a bit more money too, as the Seven Sprint is nearly $8,000 more expensive at current exchange rates than a like-for-like Seven 160.

Not that we're bashing Caterham or the people who bought the Sprint, mind. Though we were a little critical in our original article on the special edition Seven, it is great to see a company like Caterham have a mini sales success on its hand (with the extra proceeds hopefully going back into the development of even more awesome Sevens). Plus, in spite of our critiques, the retro modifications and customization options are nice little details to have on a car. As we said in the original piece, we'd hold back on spending that much money on a Seven 160 with a few cosmetic tweaks, but we can see why some would find it a worthy price to pay for a terrific and special little sports car.

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