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You've Never Seen a Chevy Corvair Like This

Don Yenko modified Chevrolets like Carroll Shelby modified Fords.

When you first picture a Chevrolet Corvair, you might not think much. Yes, it was the car that Ralph Nader utterly ripped apart in his book, “Unsafe at Any Speed.” So yeah, it had its faults, but the Corvair still has a loyal and dedicated. Just don’t call it the poor man’s Porsche 911. When Jay Leno was looking to add another Corvair to his collection a few years ago, he managed to stumble upon one that was worked on by Don Yenko.

He was the guy who modified Chevys in the same way Carroll Shelby touched up Fords. Yenko also happened to get his hands on 100 Corvairs that were turned into serious road racers. Leno bought number 54,out of just 70 that still exist today.

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