You Won't Believe How Fast This Koenigsegg Went At Vmax


It set a new VMax200 record!

The Vmax200 is an event in the UK where drivers get to barrel down a 1.4-mile stretch of runway before they have to slam on their brakes. This is one of the only places that hypercar owners can approach their car's top speeds. Now, a Koenigsegg One:1 just set a Vmax200 record by hitting 240 mph! The car was using E85 fuel, allowing the One:1 to reach 1,341 horsepower. When running on normal pump gas, the car is limited to 1,160 horsepower and could only hit 225 mph at Vmax. So how fast is the Koenigsegg compared to other cars?

A Bugatti Veyron Supersport could hit 225 mph, while the holy trinity can only do about 210 mph. We would love to see how the new Chiron does at Vmax, but for now, the Koenignegg is the king.

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