You Won't Believe How Much Care Goes Into Making An Aston Martin Badge


No wonder these cars are so expensive.

Aston Martin is one of the world's coolest automakers. The cars are hand built in England, and it is easy to forget what that means. An incredible amount of detail goes into building each piece of an Aston Martin, including small features like the badge. The Aston Martin badge is usually white except for a small black box with the company name written in white. However, the badge has 43 separate segments that can all be custom painted on bespoke models. As you would expect, each of these time segments is painted by hand.

All of the Aston Martin wing badges are made by Vaughtons in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. The whole process is incredibly complicated and involves lots of intricate work. Thanks to Autocar, we can now see how beautiful this process is.

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