You Won't Believe How Much Ford Charges For This F-150


But it's one heck of an amazing truck.

We get it. Full-size pickup trucks are a thing. Have been for decades in the US. In fact, they may even be the best all-around vehicles on the planet for some people. Take this 2016 Ford F-150 SupercCrew Platinum, the subject of our latest review, for example. Because it’s a SuperCrew, it has the comfort and space of a sedan. Backseat passengers certainly appreciate that. There’s so much space in between the front seats that you could easily place a laptop on the center console.

Oh, that 'Platinum' designation means this thing is a full-on luxury vehicle, too. V8? Yep. Four-wheel-drive? Check. Crappy road conditions suddenly become an awful lot less crappy.

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A truck bed for carrying around essential stuff like 2x4s, ATVs, and anything that’s too big for any type of vehicle other than a pickup? Oh yeah. Everything sounds great, right? It does, except for one fairly important detail: price. $61,865 for this F-150. Good truck. No, awesome truck, but worth that price tag? Special thanks to Walnut Creek Ford for letting us film the truck.