You Won't Believe How Much This Lamborghini Aventador SV Package Costs

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At that price, you won't want to scuff those wheels!

The Lamborghini Aventador SV is one of the wildest and most dramatic-looking cars on sale today by a country mile. That's an incredible feat considering the standard Aventador was already about as far away from the definition of a "shrinking violet" as you can get in the motoring world. With the aggressive aero package, purposeful looks and some of the most lurid color options you'll come across, the Aventador SV certainly stands out from the crowd.

Which makes it an interesting choice of car for the Maryland-based customizer Vitesse AuDessus to further accentuate aesthetically. Depending on your budget and preferences, Vitesse AuDessus will let you pick and choose whatever bare carbon-fiber parts it's offering for the Aventador SV and Aventador SV Roadster. If you've only got $2,500 to spend, you can bolt on a set of side skirts, whereas those who are looking for value for money when upgrading their $500,000+ supercar can save themselves $1,750 by specifying the "Essentials Carbon Package," which, along with the aforementioned side skirts, adds a new front splitter, rear diffuser and wing mirrors.

The Extended Carbon Package is mostly the same, except you get a naked carbon fiber hood as well, which Vitesse AuDessus reckons is worth another 6,750 of your hard-earned dollars. The big selling point of Vitesse AuDessus' packages, however, are the Veneno-inspired carbon fiber wheels. They're allegedly 55 pounds lighter than the wheels on the standard Aventador, with the weight reduction claimed to "markedly improve acceleration, handling and fuel economy" (not that the latter point matters to most Lamborghini owners). They do look pretty tasty, though, and as such they come at a price: a whopping $25,000.

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If you're buying any of its packages, however, Vitesse will give you a 20% discount on the carbon rims, so you'll only have to fork out $20,000 for them. On the off chance you're an SV owner and want either Vitesse AuDessus bundle, get your order in soon as only 300 examples of each package will be made.

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