You Won't Believe How Much This YouTuber's Old McLaren Costs


Here's your chance to own a very special McLaren.

When YouTuber car celebrities sell their cars, sometimes they go through the normal avenues like everyone else. Alejandro Salomon, aka Salomondrin, likes to go through cars very frequently and is known to purchase and sell several cars per year. Some might call him a flipper, but we think he just happens to be a very wealthy individual who likes to drive the latest and greatest cars. We would all do it if we could, and Salomondrin's latest influx of cars has forced him to sell a special piece of his collection.

Salomondrin has a very checkered relationship with McLaren. In one of his earliest videos he said that he would never buy a McLaren until some of the small electrical issues were sorted out. Since then, Salomondrin has owned not one, but two examples of the 675 LT. The first was a black coupe that he used to compare on track to the Dodge Viper ACR, Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche GT3 RS and Ferrari 458 Speciale on his web series, Bangin' Gears. The McLaren was dominant in this test, but wasn't special enough to stick around in Salomondrin's garage. He then bought a second 675 LT that was a bit more interesting than the first one.

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This 675 LT was painted in McLaren Orange and Salomondrin actually had to buy it used. This 675 LT was unique because it has a rare roof scoop that was developed by McLaren Special Operations. The car is one of 15 with this scoop and one of only seven or eight in the US.

That scoop came at a pretty big price tag of around $93,000, according to the dealership that is now selling the car. MSO will put practically anything on the car, so long as the owner is willing to front the development cost or split it with a few wealthy friends that all love roof scoops.

We guess that even this McLaren wasn't special enough for Salomondrin, because he has sold the car while he waits for several new cars including his Porsche GT2 RS, Mercedes AMG GTR and the new McLaren 720S. The car is now listed for sale at Evan Paul Motorcars, an exotic car dealership in Costa Mesa. Salomondrin has done a lot business with this dealership in the past, and seems to have a very close relationship with the owner. The original MSRP of the car was $499,305, and it is currently listed for $550,000. That really isn't too bad considering what went into building it and how rare it is.

However, when you look at "regular" used 675 LT examples that cost around $350,000, the extra $200,000 may not really seem worth it for a roof scoop. The car currently has 2,229 miles on it and has a full factory warranty. The car is also festooned with MSO pieces including carbon fiber louvered front wings, airbrake, mirror arms, steering wheel, door inserts and titanium oil and water caps. This is basically as loaded as a 675 LT can get, which might be why it is the most expensive example that we found online. If you have to ask us if it's worth it, we'd probably say no, but we do love the 675 LT, and this is easily the best example out there right now. Photos courtesy of Evan Paul Motor Cars.