You Won't Believe How Powerful This Chrome GT2 Is

Good looks and the horsepower to match!

London is home to one of the world’s most spectacular supercar scenes. Incredible customized high-end vehicles can be spotted all over the city, many of which are imported by wealthy car enthusiasts from the Middle East. In London’s crowded car scene it takes quite a lot to stand out. Nonetheless, this incredible chrome Porsche 911 GT2 seemed to catch plenty of attention wherever it went. That’s because not only does the car look absolutely stunning, but it has a menacing growl and the power to match.

This GT2 is apparently capable of producing an astounding 1300 whp. In comparison, a stock GT2 produces 523 hp. This isn’t the first time this car has made an appearance in London. The same chrome Porsche caused a stir in the city during the summer of 2014. But this new video gives a much closer look at the car's stunning detail and sound.

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