You Won't Believe The Effort It Takes To Pull Off A Flaming Burnout

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A small price to pay to turn a childhood dream into a reality.

Not much is more exciting than pyrotechnics and fast cars doing burnouts. But as some have found out in more unfortunate ways, the two don't always mix well. Unless you are Dave Nelson. In which case the only way to quell the itch that every action-loving child wants to scratch is by doing a burnout in a race car while the tires are flaming, effectively pulling off a high-horsepower stop, drop, and roll maneuver. At first glance, the stunt looks easy to pull off.

All it took was one car, one daring driver, a bit of spare fuel, and a GoPro. At least that's what the camera shows because even though the US has banned these sorts of indulgences, they aren't too hard to pull off.

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In reality, Nelson had to pull off the stunt using plenty of help from a support crew. Much like a glacier, we only see the pinnacle of the action when there is really a lot more going on than initially meets the eye. Aside from the full multi-layer fire suit, Nelson made sure that a fire crew was standing around waiting in case the situation went south. Standing by were 12 fire marshals with fire fighting equipment ready to go and even a fire truck was present along with a fire martial on a quad at the 18th mile mark in case things got really bad.

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