You Won't Believe The Price Of This Rare Porsche 933 RS Clubsport

For Sale

The holy grail of the Porsche 933 range can now be yours - but don't expect it to be cheap.

With Christmas just around the corner, we may have found the perfect gift for the avid Porsche 911 collector in your family. London classic car dealer Hexagon Classics is selling a 1995 Porsche 993 RS Clubsport – only 227 models were made worldwide, making it extremely rare and sought after among collectors. That therefore also makes it expensive. Priced at 399,995 GBP, that makes it around half-a-million dollars. For that price, you don’t even get rear seats, carpets, or electric windows, but the dealer will throw in a year’s warranty. Generous of them.

It does, however, have the added luxuries of a radio and air-conditioning, which weren’t available as standard at the time. Still, compared to the Porsche 911 RS being sold for close to $1 million, this is a bargain. What makes the 993 RS Clubsport so special other than its rarity? Well, it’s lack of creature comforts meant it was an extremely lightweight version of the Carrera. Couple this with a flat-six 3.8-liter engine that produced 300 horsepower, and you were in for quite a ride. The Clubsport was also equipped with a non-retractable Sport Group 1 rear wing, small front flaps, a roll cage and special racing seats, giving it the menacing appearance of a track car built for the road.

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Fitted with 18-inch ‘Speedline’ aluminium wheels and finished in a striking ‘Speed Yellow,’ this exquisite example is in pristine condition with only 34,700 miles on the clock, impressive for a car that’s over 20 years old. “The 911 RS models are the pinnacle of performance, and extremely sought-after by those in the know,” said Paul Michaels, Chairman of Hexagon Classics. “This 993 Clubsport is an evolution of everything that RS stands for; more focused, more thrilling and more of the very essence of the Porsche 911. We’re privileged to have such a low-mileage example in stock, and there’s no doubting it could make quite the Christmas present for Porsche 911 collectors.”