You Won’t Believe What This Enthusiast Did To Buy An Aston Martin

Is this true love or insanity?

As enthusiasts, we see nice cars and say “one day.” One day, we might have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of that car or, if we’re extremely lucky, get to own it. After Michael von Trzebiatowski saw the Aston Martin DBS in the TV show "The Persuaders," he told himself that he’d own one. Unlike other enthusiasts or individuals, Trzebiatowski decided to skip nice clothes, a watch and a house in order to buy this vehicle. Think about that for a second. Trzebiatowski would rather have a classic Aston Martin instead of a nice house.

Very few enthusiasts in the world have the opportunity to own the car of their dreams, but this guy gave up a lot of things to do so and doesn't regret his decision.

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