Young Hothead Destroys Dad's New Mustang

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He just bought the car last week.

Not only did this 20-year-old Australian guy completely destroy his dad's brand-new Ford Mustang, but he also ruined plans for his sister's upcoming wedding. This is what happens when you go for a joyride and can't handle American V8 power.

According to 7 News Australia, the young resident of Sydney decided it was a great idea to take the old man's $70,000 AUD Mustang for a joyride despite having a probationary driver's license. Legally, he was not allowed to drive a high-performance car which, judging by the body decals, is a limited edition supercharged R-Spec model rated at 700 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of twist.


He did so anyway but it's easy to understand why. His dad only bought the car the week prior and had plans to use it at his daughter's upcoming wedding. As you can see by the photos, the young driver totally destroyed the Mustang after losing control on a slippery road. Spinning out and smashing into a power pole is not how he planned the night to end.

Fortunately, he wasn't seriously injured but had to be helped out of the car by bystanders. He was taken to the hospital with minor leg and head injuries. There is no medical treatment for a bruised ego.

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And yet the father told the news outlet his son is a very safe driver. "He's very patient, very quiet, very good," he's quoted as saying. "He doesn't rush." The evidence speaks otherwise.

Making matters worse is that because he was driving on a probationary license, the previously insured Mustang's policy is now null and void. That's $70k or so down the drain. The kid now faces charges of negligent driving and driving a prohibited vehicle. His sister's wedding probably won't be delayed but the Mustang clearly won't be making an appearance for what could have been some cool wedding photos.

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Source Credits: 7 News

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