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Young Porsche Fans Can't Afford This Lego 930 Turbo

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Though it won't cost you a fraction of the real thing.

If your childhood was anything like ours, you were making toy cars out of Lego bricks from a young age. But the Danish toymaker has been getting serious about its wheels in the decades since, and has now come out with what could be the best little present for the little Porsche fan in your family – or the little Porsche fan in you.

The newest addition to the Lego Speed Champions collection replicates the 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0. Why that model year, specifically, you wonder? Because that was the first turbocharged 911.

That makes it something of a milestone classic for one of the most iconic of sports cars, and the perfect model to recreate in Lego form.

The set comes with all the parts you (or your little one) will need to build the five-inch-long white 930, complete with whale-tail spoiler and a removable windshield for easier ingress and egress of the little Lego figure the set comes with. The miniature driver wears black pants, a brown leather jacket, a white t-shirt with the Porsche crest, and a perfect coif of brown hair.

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He even gets a little helmet, and the set includes three orange cones to make a little autocross diorama scene.

The best part, though, could be the price. The Speed Champions series is meant to be more "accessible" than the comparatively intricate Technic sets, so while a 1,580-piece 911 RSR will set you back about $150, you can pick one of these up from your local toy store for just $14.99 (a tenth the price). Either way, though, you're looking at a lot less than the $160k+ you'd have to spend on a real, full-size 911 Turbo.