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Your Entry-Level McLaren Is Called The 570S Coupe

2015 New York Auto Show

And it will be revealed, in full, next week.

We can’t wait to see the all-new McLaren next week in New York, and with just days to go before the big unveiling, the carmaker has revealed its “entry-level” Porsche 911-fighting model and first member of the Sports Series range will be called the 570S Coupe. As we suspected, the number comes from the car’s power output, which equates to 562 horsepower. Despite being the baby of the lineup, it’s McLaren DNA, shared with the 650S and P1, means it will come with a carbon-fiber chassis and a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8.

In the words of the carmaker, it will also boast: “class-leading levels of performance, coupled with optimised handling characteristics and driving dynamics.” Accompanying the reveal of the name is this single teaser shot of the production car, showing the flying buttress between the cabin and engine, which McLaren says increases downforce and optimises aerodynamics. McLaren’s signature orange also adorns the new car, live pictures of which will be with you in just a few days. Watch this space.

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