Your Man Cave Won't Be Complete Without This BMW Engine Block Coffee Table

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Total cost to build: $120.

Guys like booze, cars and big screen TVs. Sorry ladies, it's a fact. Cravings for all three only increase with age. So the best thing is just to let men have their man caves. Convert the basement. Build a shed out back. Wherever. When the time comes to furnish that little slice of heaven, a proper coffee table will be in order. And this guy just made one kickass table out of an old BMW engine block. The block itself was sourced from a friend who had it lying around. The pistons and conrods were bought off eBay for a mere $100.

After cleaning the grease off and connecting the rod bolts to the rest of the conrod and piston to the block, he prepped the wood base supports and stained them with dark teak oil. The block itself was painted with a hammered finish spray paint except for the top of the pistons. The slightly chipped glass, costing only cost $20, is surrounded by flame maple edges. Gotta prevent drinks from falling off. And now this BMW engine block coffee table has proudly taken its place in the man cave. Prost! Photos courtesy of tstein2398/imgur

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