Your Next Aston Martin Could Be A Submarine

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Aston Martin keeps its head above water by heading below it.

When it comes to high performance machinery of the four-wheeled variety, Aston Martin has been on a roll of late. Its latest DB11 and V8 Vantage models helping to keep its head above the water in a very competitive market. This is thanks in part to the collaboration with Mercedes-AMG, whose engines power both of these super GT cars. Another slightly different collaboration will see Aston Martin head beneath the waves after partnering with Triton Submarines to create a new submersible under the name of Project Neptune.

The design phase for Project Neptune has just been completed and this limited-edition mini-sub will be fully revealed to the public in late 2018. For now, we know that it will have a sprint speed in excess of five knots, which is around four times what Triton's current flagship, the 3300/3 (more pics of this model below) can muster. The Aston sub will have space for three occupants and be able to dive down to depths of 500 meters (1640 feet), high-performance was clearly a priority here. John Ramsay, CTO at Triton Submarines, says that he is especially proud of the exterior design and iridium coating and added that the interior boasts a decidedly Aston Martin design flavor, with carbon fiber and hand-stitched leather.

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Marek Reichmann, Chief Creative Officer for Aston Martin, says that getting the luxurious interior just right was quite a challenge, especially since everything needing to be lowered through a hatch into the pressurized hull. Three designer specifications have been created by Aston Martin's design team and further customization and personalization options will be made available for clients through Aston Martin's aptly named Q bespoke service department. Project Neptune's futuristic design truly does have a touch of James Bond about it and if you fancy adding a Submersible Aston to your fleet then get in touch with either Aston Martin or Triton Submarines to secure yourself a build slot.

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