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Your Next Grocery Delivery May Not Have A Driver

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Yep, your groceries will be delivered by a self-driving car.

If you need any further proof that we are living in a highly futuristic world, supermarket operator Kroger announced a few months ago that it would start delivering groceries right to people's doorstep using fully autonomous vehicles. Kroger planned to partner with a company called Nuro, which specializes in autonomous vehicles, to build test pods that would delivery groceries. The idea seemed almost too good to be true, which has unfortunately turned out to be the case. The deliveries will eventually be fully autonomous but will have to use a human override for the time being.

Earlier this week, Kroger announced that the self-driving grocery delivery pilot program will run in Scottsdale, Arizona. A single Fry's Food Store will use a fleet a Toyota Prius cars equipped with Nuro technology. The Prius cars will be able to drive autonomously but will have a human in the front seat to take over in the event of an emergency. The Nuro R1 delivery van (pictured above) is currently waiting on final testing and certification but should be introduced in the fall.

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The autonomous deliveries will cost $5.95 with no minimum order, but will only be available for addresses within the store's zip code. So if you live in the 85257 zip code, give the service a try and tell us about your experience. It may be limited for now, but this pilot program has some interesting potential to change the entire delivery industry. The public seems to be turned off by the thought of a self-driving car, but perhaps they might become more trusting if it can handle delivering groceries without a hitch.