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Your Pizza Hut Delivery Could Come In A Self-Driving Pickup

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The future of pizza is here and it's made by robots.

Even though autonomous cars are still several years away from full adoption, automakers and tech companies are already planning clever ways to use them. Toyota, for example, has partnered with several companies including Amazon, Pizza Hut, and Uber to use its autonomous vehicles for services such as ridesharing and deliveries.

Ford and Domino's have also teamed up to deliver pizza using autonomous vehicles with reasonable success. Now, a few months after announcing a partnership with Toyota, Pizza Hut has revealed its latest autonomous pizza delivery vehicle.

The prototype is based on a Toyota Tundra and features an automated pizza kitchen in the bed, which can cook pizzas on the go. Pizza Hut says the prototype can cook a pizza in six to seven minutes while the truck is moving, which will allow the chain to expand its delivery radius.

"We're bringing the oven closer to the consumer's door; nobody is doing that," Pizza Hut's chief customer and operations officer in the U.S., Nicolas Burquier, said in an interview with Bloomberg. "We are pretty obsessed with improving the customer experience. The more we can get closer to their homes or the point of delivery, the better and hotter the product will be."

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Pizza Hut, a unit of Yum! Brands Inc., is looking to improve its poor delivery ratings. Customers have been disappointed with the delivery service, which has led to a drop in same-store sales. We aren't sure whether a robotic pizza delivery truck will fix all of these issues but we appreciate the novelty of the idea. Alas, Pizza Hut has no target date for putting the truck into service, so, for now, it will remain just a clever idea.