Your Tesla Doesn't Need You To Park The Vehicle Anymore

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Thanks to an updated autonomous system.

Ever since drivers started to abuse its Autopliot System, Telsa has made significant changes to the system. The brand's latest 7.1 version for the Tesla Model S and Model X gives the electric cars some new features while restricting autonomous driving. The new update restricts automatic steering on certain roads and adds a remote "summoning" feature. The new beta feature allows users to remotely park a Tesla from outside the vehicle. In other words, the Model S and Model X no longer need drivers to park or retrieve the vehicle.

The YouTube video below, which was posted by a Telsa owner, shows the electric car entering and exiting a garage by itself.

The self-parking and summoning feature is controlled by the key fob and can even open an owner's garage door if the Tesla sees that it is closed. However, while the self-parking and summoning features are new, the software update also restricts Autopilot somewhat (as mentioned) which isn't such a bad idea.Tesla's Autopilot System was one of the most signification technological innovations of 2015 but needed to be updated after seeing what type of moronic things users were doing with it. Tesla's latest update is a step in the right direction and reveals that the automaker has more autonomous features in store for its vehicles.


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