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Your Tesla Model 3 Could Cost You A Bit Less Now

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Specification changes will make AWD models a bit more affordable.

A few weeks back we ran a piece on the upcoming Model 3 Performance variant and its ambitious pricing levels. It may have been packed with features but the $78,000 price point put it a bit too close to the larger Model S variants. Tesla seems to have come to a similar conclusion and have removed some features and changed the starting price to a more palatable $64,000. The change will be applied to all existing orders too. Buyers can of course still add all of that kit back if they wish.

A Performance Package consisting of red performance brake calipers, aluminum pedals, Michelin Pilot Sport tires on 20-inch wheels, carbon fiber spoiler and an increase in top speed from 145 to 155 mph will cost $5,000. The black interior can be upgraded to an all-white trim for $1,500 and exterior color options have also been updated. Delivery times for confirmed orders on Performance versions are now projected at 2 to 4 months. That elusive $35,000 base model still carries a 6-9 month waiting list though. For those willing to spend a bit more, the Dual Motor upgrade is now cheaper by $1,000, costing $4,000.

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This means that the non-performance dual motor Model 3 with long range batteries now starts at $53,000. Enhanced autopilot (incorporating auto steer, auto lane change, auto park, traffic aware cruise control and summon feature) is still $5,000, or $1,000 more if added after delivery. Adding the full self-driving capability pack is $3,000, but a steeper $5,000 if added after delivery. Ironing out the wrinkles in a new model's production line is not the work of a moment, and with that elusive 5,000 cars per week target on the horizon let's hope these small changes are going to help streamline production and help Tesla reach and maintain its targets.