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Your Weekly Porsche Rumor: Boxster Diesel Possible

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At least they're not talking about a Boxster EV.

Yes, it seems like there's some sort of Porsche rumor nearly every week. Not that that's a bad thing, but some rumors turn out to be complete nonsense, while others have a real element of truth. Whether they're regarding a possible 911 hybrid or an entry-level model, Porsche is clearly looking to not only expand their lineup, but also their engine technologies. Now the latest word coming from the famed German sports car builder claims that diesel engines are firmly in their future strategy.

According to a report coming from Car and Driver, Porsche R&D chief Wolfgang Hatz stated that pure EVs are "not even close to series production with the current battery technology." He went on to further say that internal combustion engines will remain dominant for quite a while. In addition, Hatz said that diesel engines are also a part of his company's long-term plan. Because Porsche is now being firmly integrated into the VW Group, which has some of the best diesels in the business, it only makes sense for Porsche to further explore this option.

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While we believe a 911 hybrid is a long way off (if it ever happens) a diesel appearing in a Porsche doesn't seem too far-fetched. When pressed more about the issue, Hatz replied that "it would be wrong to say no to a Boxster diesel for all times." If you're not sure about a diesel being a good engine, just take a look to see what BMW is doing with their new M line performance diesels. Photos displayed are of the 2013 Porsche Boxster.