YouTube Coming To Volvo And Polestar Models

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The latest OTA update also brings improved functionality to Apple CarPlay.

Volvo and Polestar have rolled out a new over-the-air software update that brings additional features and more convenience to vehicles like the Polestar 2.

This is the fifteenth update Polestar has rolled out to its entry-level crossover. Highlights include the introduction of the YouTube app, which will also be integrated into all new cars as well. The online video platform can only be accessed when the vehicle is stationary.

Some may question the addition of YouTube, but it could come in handy. Owners can catch up on the news while they're in the car, or simply entertain themselves while they wait for the batteries to charge. In a similar vein, Mercedes-Benz recently introduced TikTok in the new E-Class Sedan.

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Elsewhere, the Polestar Range Assistant app has been upgraded and now allows drivers to keep an eye on the vehicle's energy consumption over 20, 40, or 100 miles. The app also provides real-time tips and advice to improve efficiency.

The algorithm used to calculate the projected range has also been revised and now takes environmental changes and other factors into account. This real-world range figure can also be displayed on the digital instrumentation.

For Volvo and Polestar models, Apple CarPlay now displays phone and media information on the home screen tile. Apple Maps, as well as in-vehicle phone calls, can be projected on the driver's display. Customers can also answer and end calls using the steering wheel-mounted buttons.

Furthermore, Volvo says the CarPlay media interaction has been improved, making it easier for occupants to navigate through their favorite tunes.

Volvo Volvo Volvo

Owners can also use the steering wheel buttons to adjust the folding side mirror settings, as well as various driver support functions. Lastly, Volvo and Polestar have also rolled out bug fixes to make the system easier to use.

"The latest update on CarPlay features is an excellent example of how we continuously improve and add features and functions together with our technology partners, making our customers' experience richer over time," said Volvo's head of software engineering, Alwin Bakkenes.

YouTube is not available in the Chinese and South Korean markets, and the Swedish brand says the OTA updates are only available on models with Google built-in. Volvo teamed up with Google back in 2019 and has enjoyed a prosperous relationship since then. The new Polestar 3 and Volvo EX90 will be the first vehicles to use Google's new HD map software, which has been designed to benefit future self-driving endeavors.

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