YouTube Star Shows What It's Like To Be Inside A Car That's T-Boned

It's pretty damn frightening.

We see a bunch of crash videos at CarBuzz but they normally come from outside the car or from a first-person perspective, as in a dash cam. What we hardly ever see is a view from inside the car during a crash. Vlogger Mr Ben Brown was involved in a scary t-bone accident (his car was hit) that was caught on camera, a camera facing the vehicle’s occupants. Fortunately no one was injured in the crash. That knowledge makes this video easier to watch. It’s quite incredible when you consider the angles and quality of the video.

In terms of crazy crash videos, well this one isn’t all that wild. But it is a great reminder to drive safe and always be aware. While this crash didn’t involve a supercar or ridiculous speeds it still looks plenty terrifying to have been a part of.

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