YouTuber Destroys Hummer EV Truck's Suspension Minutes After Taking Delivery

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A 9,000-pound truck slamming into a five-foot dip is a recipe for disaster.

With a six-figure starting price - at least, until cheaper versions arrive - and a waiting list that bordered on ridiculous earlier this year, the GMC Hummer EV Pickup is not exactly an easy vehicle to come by. High demand even led to GMC closing reservations in September. This all means that those lucky enough to have acquired a Hummer EV will want to take care of their pride and joy. But one hot-headed driver who just took delivery of a new Hummer did precisely the opposite, covering only covered nine miles with his electric SUV before severely damaging it after hitting a ditch on a gravel road. The combination of the vehicle's speed, the size of the ditch, and the Hummer's excessive weight ensured that this initially fun jaunt could only end badly.

Mondi/YouTube Mondi/YouTube

The YouTuber from the channel known as Mondi got a Hummer with most of the options that were available, including upgraded lighting and audio. This Edition 1 is already a fully loaded vehicle to begin with, as it should be considering it starts at just over $110,000. If you want to jump straight to the action, scroll ahead to the five-minute mark in the video below. That's when the driver went into the ditch, and the aftermath is not pretty. Not only did the Hummer end up with a busted radiator, but the rear suspension on the right side was badly damaged - the rear right wheel was pointing outwards, and no, that's not because the truck was in crab walk mode.

Mondi/YouTube Mondi/YouTube

With what is apparently a bent frame, repairing this ill-fated Hummer is not going to come cheaply. The Hummer's components, along with its ground clearance, were not designed to withstand a high-speed, five-foot dip. As we've covered before, the Hummer EV weighs over 9,000 pounds, so one can only imagine the forces on the body when it landed in that dip. Later, the truck labored its way back to the dealer, another misguided decision that could've caused further damage.

Obviously, the Hummer EV is capable but not invincible. If you really do want a truck that you can manhandle at high speeds, you'd be better off with a Ford F-150 Raptor, but even that is no match for a reckless driver.

Mondi/YouTube Mondi/YouTube

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