Zagato Builds One-Off Bike And It Is Breathtaking


To be fair, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Typically, car collectors (and especially those who are devotees to particular motoring brands) with enough spare change can have manufacturers or design houses create one-off autos for them. Ferrari and McLaren are well versed in this trend already, and there are probably more one-off examples of the Zonda out there than regular versions. No surprises, then, to hear Zagato is also open to designing unique creations for clients, though its latest one is quite a departure from the norm.

As you can probably tell from the images, this latest offering from Zagato isn't a car, but a motorbike. Or, to be more specific, an MV August F4 that's been imaginatively re-named the 'MV Augusta F4Z.' Considering Zagato's made a huge name for itself by creating some of the most visually distinctive road cars ever made, applying its expertise to a motorcylce is quite a new thing for the Milanese design house. Still, for a first attempt, the Zagato-styled bike is a stunning achievement that takes an already rather pretty bike and transforms it into an even more desirable machine. We've no idea how much it cost to commission, but whatever sum of money written out on that check was so worth it.

The identity of the client who commissioned this Zagato-styled MV Augusta also happens to have quite a classy taste in motors. On top of a collection of Italian motorbikes, the Japanese businessman who requested this one-off is also a fan of Zagato, with an undisclosed array of car models designed by the company also in his stewardship - so one can only imagine how elated the guy must be with his new, custom-built MV Augusta. Plus, now everyone knows Zagato can sketch a stunning bike design, it's now incredibly likely that this won't be the last time we see a two-wheeled vehicle with the stylised 'Z' emblem on the front fairings.

MV Agusta
MV Agusta

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