Zagato Plans Two Special One-Offs For Aston-Martin's 100th Birthday


The two companies have a long history together, and Zagato employs about the only people who can make an Aston prettier.

This year marks the 100th year of existence for Aston Martin, Britain's famous maker of exotic cars. Aston has its own plans to mark the occasion, but recently announced were plans from Zagato to commemorate the milestone in its own way. The Italian design house has had a relationship with Aston for more than half of those 100 years, dating all the way back to the DB4GT in 1960, with further special models coming out periodically.

The editions being made for this occasion will both be called "Centennial", but in truth will each be unique one-off models. The first is based on the DB9 Spider and is being built for American Aston enthusiast Peter Read. The second is built from a DBS Coupe, and is headed for Japan. Both incorporate classic styling cues from both Aston Martin and Zagato, although it is obviously only the coupe which properly has the classic Zagato double-bubble roof. Though the body modifications are extensive, the cars will actually remain completely unchanged mechanically.

The styling represents a big change from the original Aston bodywork, but the Zagato-penned lines almost seem more conservative than the original Astons. The cars now have a more classic look to them, but this makes perfect sense, as the intended purpose is to look back over 100 years of Astons. No prices were disclosed, but you can be sure that a one-off Aston bodied by Zagato wouldn't be the sort of thing that you could sell your Hyundai in order to buy.

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