Zagato Teases The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Coupe We Long For

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Two legendary Italian companies appear to be joining forces to make our dreams come true.

News of a new Alfa Romeo model is pretty rare these days, but according to a now-expired Instagram story, it seems that the Italian automaker will be joining forces with legendary design house Zagato. Their project? A bespoke machine based on the Giulia Quadrifoglio sedan. The existing four-door is already a stunner, and bringing Zagato's trademark flourishes to the platform will undoubtedly result in something special.

For those who are unfamiliar, Zagato is an independent coachbuilder known for collaborating with various automakers, including Alfa Romeo in the past. Some of Zagato's most famous Alfa-based creations include the odd-looking SZ, the Dodge Viper-based TZ3 Stradale, and the 1900 SSZ.

Alfa Romeo

Information regarding this latest model is limited, but the image was posted with the words "Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato." The only teaser image shows the taillight design, which apparently draws inspiration from past Alfa Romeo Zagato creations with the coda tronca, or Kammback, a truncated rear end.

Judging by the name, we imagine this car will be based on the Giulia sedan with significant exterior changes, including a shorter wheelbase. The prevalent rumor is that Zagato may delete the rear doors to create the Giulia Coupe that's been rumored for years. The car would likely share an engine with the Giulia, probably the Quadrifoglio. In GTA spec, this produces 540 horsepower.


Zagato cars are highly exclusive, so the Giulia SWB will likely be built in limited numbers with a steep price, and as confirmed by the taillight design, this will likely look very different from a Giulia. Basically, it won't just be a Giulia with two doors lopped off.

No details were given on when to expect this car, so we will probably be waiting until at least 2023. Buyers in the US may get the short end of the stick here, as coachbuilt cars are seldom homologated for our crash tests. CarBuzz will continue to monitor both Alfa Romeo and Zagato's social media channels in case any new information about the Giulia SWB emerges.


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