Zagato Unveils New TZ3 Stradale

Italian design house Zagato has just released the first official images of the their new TZ3 Stradale. While its badging says Alfa Romeo, it was in fact built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous Italian automaker. The TZ3 Stradale is mainly a design exercise and is not considered a race car. Its heritage can be traced back to past Alfa Romeo Zagato coupes such as 2900 Zagato, 6C 2500 Panoramica, Giulia TZ, and the S.Z.

Based on the Dodge Viper ACR mechanical chassis, it has a carbon fiber body with obvious Alfa Romeo design traits. Only nine examples will be built, three of which have already been spoken for. One will be going to US Alfa and Zagato collector Eric King, while the other two will be going to private collectors in Europe and Japan. Pricing wasn't announced, but if you're already not driving something that cost enough to feed a small country, chances are you can't afford it anyway.

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