Zenvo Has Assured Us Its Company Founder Is Going Nowhere

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Fans of the Danish supercar maker can now rest easy.

We love Zenvo. The Danish company has created some amazing cars that are both blisteringly fast and stunning to look at. So when we received a tip off that founder Troels Vollertsen had been poached by W Motors, the creator of the Lykan Hypersport, our immediate concern was that the Danish supercar maker could be in serious trouble. But fear not Zenvo fans! Having spoken directly with Zenvo's Evgeny Kuznetsov, we have been assured that "Mr. Troels Vollertsen has no intention to leave Zenvo.

He is committed to our company and will stay in Denmark." And not only that. "Zenvo is his own creation and he will stay here. This company has always been an important part of his life. He is one of the company founders and has big plans for the future of our brand." With the new Zenvo TS1 and track-only TSR impressing at the Geneva Motor Show, we look forward to seeing what the daring Danes have up their sleeve in the coming months. Dubai-based W Motors is also adamant that Mr. Vollertsen would not be joining them. "Despite a close relationship between W Motors and the good people at Zenvo Automotive, no formal offer was made to Mr. Vollertsen.

Although there are no plans for Mr. Vollertsen to join our team at this moment, we can ensure the W Motors family continues to grow with several experts from various fields joining the company to support the growing number of projects in the pipeline. Projects including the final stages of development for the Fenyr SuperSport and the W Motors SUV."

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