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Zenvo Has Updated The ST1 Again, Will Be Bringing It To Geneva

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Apparently the 2014 refresh wasn't enough.

Just one year ago, Danish boutique carmaker Zenvo brought out a new and updated version of its ST1 supercar, which was first launched (sort of) in 2010. The company hadn't made much headway with the car, and then a Top Gear review where the car broke down several times before catching fire certainly didn't help much. Hence the refresh. But now its gotten another refresh just a year later, and the new version of the car is headed for Geneva this week.

Mostly, this just boils down to a new transmission, a 7-speed unit made by CIMA. The unit is a paddle-shifted single-clutch manual, an unusual but not unheard of setup. The box will crack off shifts in just 35 milliseconds, reportedly faster than any single-clutch transmission in the world. Yet is does this without jerking as much as the earlier units. Apart from that, it's just a new set of wheels. Powering the car there is still a 6.8-liter twin-charged V8 making 1,104 horsepower. Let's just hope the build quality and catching on fire issues have been sorted out as well.

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