Zenvo Provides Details On Next Supercar

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And we will be getting a slice of the action too.

Zenvo may be a fairly strange name to most people, but those who know the Danish hypercar manufacturer know that this company builds some serious metal. After many financial issues, reliability problems, and sheer bad luck, Zenvo reannounced itself on the scene back in 2019 with the TSR-S, a 1,177-horsepower monster that looks like it could rip your face off. It could also cause neck pain if you focus on its moving rear wing too long, an innovation that only makes more traditional hypercars like the Bugatti Chiron seem a little too restrained. Zenvo is a company that makes cars you'd expect to see only in a comic book, and now the brand is set to introduce another wild creation. Best of all, we're going to get a chance to try it out.

Zenvo Zenvo

According to Autocar, Zenvo's product director Alberto Solera says that the company is working on a new car that will share the platform of the TSR-S. This new car has the chief objective of maximizing "smiles per mile". Details are still few but Solera has said that the new car will be an all-wheel-drive hybrid and will be shown to us within the next two years. Knowing Zenvo, we might have to wait a little longer than that, but it should be worth our patience as it will follow the recipe of the TSR-S in some ways, most notably of which is that it will be fitted with 3D-printed components and be constructed mainly from carbon fiber.

Zenvo is looking to do more than just launch a new car though. According to company CEO Angela Hartman, now that the brand is recognized and established, Zenvo's priority is to expand globally.

Zenvo Zenvo Zenvo

Although the brand intends to remain a low-volume, exclusive automaker, its biggest markets at present are the UK and Europe, and cracking into the US and the Middle East will drastically improve things for the company. This is especially vital since Zenvo posted a loss of around $2.2 million last year due to increased R&D costs.

Still, this is not a time for despondency. Zenvo's TSR-S has just been homologated for sale in the US and the brand hopes to sell 10-15 cars here annually. Best of all, the company intends to stick with gasoline engines as the loss of theater in EVs kills the attraction of the car. The company is currently exempt from EU emissions targets due to its small size, but this hybrid supercar planned for reveal in 2023 will likely preview an electric future, whether intentionally or not.

Zenvo Zenvo
Source Credits: Autocar

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