Zenvo TSR-GT Is A 1,360-HP Hypercar With A 263-MPH Top Speed

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It uses a rare twin-supercharged V8.

Zenvo Automotive is still a relatively young Danish sports car manufacturer, but it has generated its fair share of attention since it was founded in 2004. Specializing in high-powered, extremely limited hypercars, the company has now taken the covers off the low-drag TSR-GT. A mere three examples of the TSR-GT will be made globally, and all have already been sold to hypercar collectors.

The TSR-GT is an extension of Zenvo's TS-series models, a group that includes the TS1, TS1 GT, TSR, and the road-legal TSR-S unveiled in 2018. Compared to that car, the TSR-GT has more power, an even higher top speed of 263 mph, and a new touring-style design.

The changes to the TSR-GT were explicitly intended to create greater proportional aerodynamic stability and include an elongated rear spoiler and new aero wheel disc covers. Zenvo artisans in Denmark are responsible for the various drag-reducing enhancements fashioned from pre-preg carbon fiber.


The new TS Power Pack uses the original 5.8-liter flat-plane V8 engine as a base. Twin supercharging is exceedingly rare, but this mill has it, and there have been numerous improvements. An upgraded inlet planum and exhaust manifold have increased the engine's volumetric efficiency. There is also a flex-fuel sensor that allows the engine to run on high-ethanol E85 fuel. As a result, the TSR-GT makes 1,360 bhp, up from the TSR-S' 1,177 bhp. A longer final drive for the helical-cut dog-engagement transmission helps to boost the top speed to 263 mph - and that's limited. Without the limiter, it could probably get close to the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, which can hit 273 mph.

Unlike the TSR-S, the TSR-GT has a more luxurious interior. The bare carbon fiber, sports-focused layout has been replaced with multi-leather applications, including leather instead of Alcantara on the dashboard.


We have yet to test car interior noise levels at speeds of 263 mph, but the TSR-GT has noise-reducing, leather-edged velour floor mats on top of the carbon fiber floor panel that should keep things quieter at these insane speeds.

"A new era for Zenvo beckons, but before then, we've created our interpretation of a GT variant of the TS platform," said Jens Sverdrup, Zenvo's Chief Commercial Officer and chairman of the board. "We'll make just three models, all of which are allocated to global collectors."

The "new era" that Sverdrup hinted at involves Zenvo's planned launch of an all-new car in the third quarter of next year, which could be the 1,800-hp hybrid V12 monster that was spoken about earlier this year. However, the TS platform may not be done yet, as Sverdrup said that the TSR-GT is "possibly" the final car from this amazing series, leaving the door open for something else.


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