Zero Labs Brings Electric 600-HP Carbon Fiber Ford Bronco Restomod To CES 2023

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Do you still think electric restomods are boring?

Zero Labs Automotive has introduced its latest project, a 600-horsepower 1969 Ford Bronco, that will be on display at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show.

This isn't your average Bronco restomod. The all-electric off-roader features a carbon fiber body that is 25% lighter than the original. Zero Labs mounts this on its proprietary electric platform, which, in this case, handles a staggering 600 horses thanks to a dual-motor powertrain.

That's a lot of muscle for a lightened classic 4x4, so it's safe to assume this is a quick machine. It should prove easy to drive daily, as the 100 kWh battery affords a range of 235 miles. To put that into perspective, that's more range than a Jaguar I-Pace shod with 22-inch wheels.

Zero Labs Automotive Zero Labs Automotive Zero Labs Automotive

Those lucky enough to find themselves at CES 2023 will spot the electric Bronco at the Autel Energy exhibit. That's because the restomodded beauty utilizes the company's charging hardware and software. "As the country transitions to electric vehicles, we wanted to show that embracing the future doesn't mean that you have to give up the past," explained Autel Energy CEO, John Thomas.

"We're always innovating and love to partner with companies who share a passion for performance, and we're proud to be partnering with Zero Labs and showcase this vintage vehicle at CES, blending tradition with technology."

Unfortunately, the restomod experts have not shared details regarding charging times or capabilities. However, past models have been offered with Level 3 fast-charging capabilities.

Zero Labs Automotive Zero Labs Automotive Zero Labs Automotive

In terms of style, the electric Bronco is unmatched by most modern SUVs. The clean, uncluttered design of the '69 model remains and has been uplifted by a rather striking monochrome finish. The liquid-like silver paintwork uplifts the appearance even more.

The minimalist theme continues inside, where you'll find white upholstery and tasteful wood trim on the facia. Again, Zero Labs hasn't shared many details regarding the interior, but it's safe to assume the company has taken a sustainable approach. Earlier models could be specified with genuine leather or vegan alternatives.

Zero Labs founder and CEO Adam Roe explains that the company's production methods and technology mean vehicles can be electrified quickly and at high quality.

Zero Labs Automotive Zero Labs Automotive Zero Labs Automotive

"Our technology has proven that the world's most beloved vehicles can be electrified at a scale and level of performance not possible with the old DIY conversion methods," he remarked.

Many traditionalists are against the idea of outfitting classic vehicles with electric motors. But, as Zero Labs and several other companies have shown us, there is strong demand for this sort of thing. Roe notes that his company has received "tens of thousands of qualified full vehicle purchase requests and an equal number of platform purchase requests."

Should the Ford Bronco not tickle your fancy, Zero Labs is all too happy to convert a classic Land Rover to your requirements. If you're at CES 2023, it's worth checking out.

Zero Labs Automotive Zero Labs Automotive Zero Labs Automotive Zero Labs Automotive

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