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Zinoro EV is a BMW X1 Wannabe

Spied in Germany, the X1-based crossover is being prepped for the Chinese market.

You’d beforgiven for thinking this is a BMW X1. And in many ways you’d be right. Spiedat BMW’s developmental facility in Munich, this prototype is in fact the firstmodel of the new China-only Zinoro brand under the Brilliance Automotive marque,BMW’s Chinese partner. Up front canbe seen a new, albeit currently secret fascia replacing the Bavarain carmaker’ssignature kidney grilles, while a restyled rear bumper keeps things lookingfresh at the back.

Under the hood, things will be considerably different however, with an electric drivetrain instead of a combustion engine keeping things moving. In the last decade, BMW has invested around $2 billion into the Brilliance production facilities, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the X1-based Zinoro crossover hitting the Chinese market in the next couple of years.

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