Zippy Mint 1990 BMW Z1 For Sale in the UK

With only 122 miles on the clock.

The BMW Z1 is one of the finest - and funnest - Z cars of all time. Manufacturedin small numbers, it rode on a skeletal frame that provided excellent rigidity,while integrating plastic body parts that reduced weight and kept the car quickand nimble. It was equipped with a six-cylinder, 2.5-liter engine mated to afive-speed manual gearbox, and put out 168 horsepower. Besides being a tiny,light roadster, it also offered awesome doors that dropped into their sills atthe touch of a button.

Now, one of these rare Z1s is up for auction in the UK,through Silverstone Auctions. This particular example has been part of acollection ever since it was bought, was never registered and has only 122miles on the clock. It is expected to fetch between $84,000 and $101,000 whenit crosses the block later this month.

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