Zombie Apocalypse ATV Has Armor Tires

How to look bad ass while escaping the undead.

We love all-terrain vehicles for their ability to go where typical 4x4s simply can’t. They’re also a hoot and a half to drive through massive mud puddles. But now Polaris has revealed its latest off-road wonder, the Sportsman WV850 H.O. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s got Terrain Armor non-pneumatic tires. They can survive after being shot by a .50 caliber machine gun and still manage to travel 350 miles.

Accidently run over a railroad spike or two?No problem, because these tires can still pull off 1,000 miles of travel after being punctured.

It also has a military-grade automatic single-speed transmission, upgraded shock package, 1,500 lbs. towing ability, and 3,500 lbs. winch. It’s even got a 11.75-gallon fuel tank, electric power steering, steel racks that can carry up to 600 lbs. and a steel exoskeleton. Set to go on sale next month for a price of $14,999, quantities will be limited.

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