2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso Review

Model Overview

When it comes to Ferrari, especially the modern cars they make, they’re all really, really good. While looks are subjective, most Ferraris have a lot of appeal and the GTC4Lusso is no different. It’s the epitome of a Grand Tourer with a refined shooting brake design and a big, powerful motor. There’s space for four occupants, something rare in the Ferrari world, but it’s the soundtrack from that motor that simply cannot be beat. There’s something special about the soundtrack of 680 hp from a normally aspirated 6.3-liter V12, and something even more special when that power is directed through all four wheels.


First off, one of the most unique things about the GTC4Lusso is that there’s space for four occupants, a rare thing in the world of supercars. Space for the driver and passenger is good, and if they’re not too tall then rear passengers will be comfortable too. Top quality stitched leathers and components are used throughout the cabin, but what catches your eye first will be the flat-bottomed steering wheel. This is more than your average multifunction steering wheel though, it’s reminiscent of a Formula 1 piece with controls for many of the functions built-in including the performance dial mode, turn signals, ignition and even the headlights.

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The dashboard on the driver’s side features the instrument cluster while the passenger side features thin screen that displays media functions as well as performance readouts. A centrally mounted 10.3-inch screen heads up the infotainment system, and below that the center console is devoid of a shifter to offer up storage space.


A Grand Tourer like the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is all about the drive. While there’s an amazing amount of power on tap that’s driven through all four wheels, the car is more than capable of taking on racetracks, but it’s more at home on long, sweeping highways where it can maintain high speeds with complete comfort and confidence. Power runs through all four wheels and four-wheel steering aids in the high-speed maneuverability of the big Ferrari, steering is light and direct with good feedback. Magnetorheological dampers smoothen out any undulations and also stiffen up to be uncomfortably solid when the drive dictated.

There’s also a dedicated button that softens the dampers for a short time when the road becomes too bumpy and you don’t want to change out of Sport mode. The automatic dual clutch transmission is smooth enough for daily driving but packs a violent punch when lightning fast shifts are required, and it’s only operated from the steering-mounted paddle shifters when in manual mode.


While the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a tourer in every respect, it’s got more power on tap than most cars on the road. The long Ferrari is fitted with a monstrous normally aspirated powerplant that measures in at 6.3-liters divided across twelve cylinders in a V-configuration with F1-derived technology. Power is rated at 680 hp and 514 lb-ft of torque, which can get the GTC to 0-60 mph in as little as 3.1-seconds and has a claimed top speed of 220 mph. The transmission and all-wheel drive system is an oddity with a 2-speed gearbox driven by the nose of the crankshaft covering the rear transaxle’s first 4 gears, then 5th to 7th gears see the car become rear-wheel drive. The combination works, and works well.

Equipment & Safety

A rigid chassis and a few key safety features are in play in the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, but not as many things as you’d think. Front and side impact airbags are fitted, there’s ABS, electronic stability control, side slip control (SSC4) and F1-Trac traction control. The cabin can be tailored with numerous leather or Alcantara colors and stitching combinations along carbon fiber inserts and surfaces to make for a truly individual space. Many top features are standard but you can option Apple CarPlay, a high-powered HIFI Systeme audio system, the aforementioned passenger display screen and a 128gb hard drive expansion to store all the tunes you can think of.


As a Grand Tourer the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is brilliant, it’s also got all the right bits in the right places to make it a formidable supercar, like a normally aspirated 680 hp V12, a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and all-wheel drive drivetrain along with 4-wheel steering. It’s sharp enough to be fun on track but can be soft enough to be used as a daily driver with space in the back for the kids. This is what millionaire speed enthusiasts will drive from Monday to Friday before whipping out the 488 GTB for weekend track activities.