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2017 Audi Q2 First Look Review: Nobody Asked For It But What The Hell

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At what point can we start calling these things hatchbacks again?

We weren't really all that surprised when we learned that Audi would be releasing yet another SUV. Like BMW, Audi is trying to fill every SUV niche that it can. In a market where consumers can buy not one, but two ugly Coupe SUVs, Audi needs more models just to compete. Audi already sells the small Q3 in the US, so we think that this new model is completely unnecessary. The Q2 will be offered with a range of gasoline and diesel engines paired to a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual clutch.

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However, if we had to guess, the US version will come only as a dual clutch with a 190-hp 2.0-liter four cylinder turbo engine. This is remarkably similar to the slightly large Q3 SUV that already comes with a 2.0-liter 200- hp four-cylinder. In our opinion, the Q3 is as small as we would ever want an SUV to be. By going smaller, you are sacrificing so much space that you would be better off buying a hatchback. In fact, to our eye, the new Q2 looks more like an A3 hatch than an actual SUV. With this being the case, we need to ask the question, why couldn't Audi just sell us the A3 as a hatch? hatchbacks. For some reason, we think that they are ugly and not as practical as sedans.

The engines are the same, the size is practically the same, so what is the difference? Well, it is just marketing. Americans simply don't buy. However, if you make a hatchback slightly taller, you can sell it as an SUV. Even if the resulting car is no more practical, more expensive, and less efficient, it seems that Americans just don't care. Every manufacturer has caught onto this. Rather than sell us the A-Class or CLA Shooting Brake (both of which are awesome), Mercedes felt the need to create a miniature SUV called the GLA. The GLA is incredibly compact, and is completely useless off road. SUVs like these are equally as practical as a hatchback, but don't drive as well because of the higher center of gravity.

With all logic put aside, we actually think that the Q2 could be a huge success in the US. The Q2 will cater to a younger generation that just wants a car with an Audi badge. These US customers won't be at all concerned with 0-60 times, off road capability, or the fact that a Subaru Forester will do everything better than their overpriced German status symbol. These customers just want a "sporty looking" crossover with an Audi badge at the lowest possible price. The Q2 clearly caters to these younger buyers with wacky colors options and equally wild interiors. If you are a recently married twenty-something who want people to think that you're well-off, this is the Audi for you!