2017 Aston Martin DB11 First Look Review: Its Most Important Car Ever

First Look

The DB11 fixes almost everything that was wrong with Aston Martin.

If you watch a lot of car reviews, Aston Martins typically all garner the same complaints. Let us summarize for you. The presenter starts off by saying how stunning the car is (although it looks too much like every other Aston). Then they talk about the price. It was always a bit too high. The cars drove well, but the transmissions were always a letdown. Shifts were slow, and the transmission wasn't a fit for such an expensive car. You would be better off with the manual (if it was offered). This is even before mentioning the infotainment.

Aston Martins previously used a version of Volvo's system, which was difficult to master and looked completely out of place in such an expensive car. Even when Aston switched to a Garmin unit, technology was never the automaker's strong suit. This pretty much sums up every review of every Aston Martin for the past decade and a half. Beautiful cars that aren't nearly as fast or techy-savvy as the competition, but boy did they look good. That is all Aston Martin was capable of for a very long time. With the all-new DB11, we think the company has completely flipped the script. The DB11 will finally bring the brand into the 21st century, and frankly, this might be the most important car it has ever built.

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Let's start off with the most important thing on any Aston Martin product, the styling. It finally looks different from every other model. Aston Martin was in a Porsche 911-inspired rut of not changing its cars appearances. The DB11 is a stunner and is underpinned by a lighter aluminum architecture. Weight savings are accompanied by a huge jump in power thanks to an all-new twin-turbo 5.2-liter V12, which makes a healthy 600 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque and comes mated to an eight-speed automatic. Top speed is 200 mph. This new engine and transmission combo should erase every complaint that people have held about Aston Martins: That they are always quick but never able to keep up with other cars of the same price.

The new twin-turbo DB11 does 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds, so it should be plenty fast for people who are looking for a quick, but comfy, cruiser. The eight-speed automatic should also fix the complaint of slow shift times. We have seen how good cars like the Jaguar F-type and Chevy Corvette can be when fitted with a good automatic. Finally, we move onto the interior. Aston interiors always looked great but fell short on usability. Infotainment screens were difficult to use, and gauges and screens would often be difficult to read. Thanks to a partnership with Mercedes-Benz, the DB11's interior looks great and will actually work. The button-sharing is minimal, so you won't mistake this car with a Mercedes from the inside.

We think that the DB11 is the first Aston Martin that truly belongs in the 21st century. A new engine, transmission, chassis, and interior give the DB11 everything that people have been craving from the Aston Martin brand for more than a decade now. If Aston Martin's future rested on this car alone (which it very well might), we can rest easy knowing that the British brand will live on.

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