First Look: 2011 Ram Outdoorsman

First Look

"A'yeah, right...what am I going to do with a gunrack?" Ah yes, as Wayne Campbell, star of the epic public access television show Wayne's World, so eloquently put it. Normally, I'd be asking the same question if someone were to present me with an unwanted gunrack for a present. Whether you own a gun let alone many guns necessitating an entire rack, you're sure to find a proper place to store them in the new 2011 Ram Outdoorsman.

With the Ram Truck Brand now officially separated from Dodge, it makes sense for the Outdoorsman trim to make it to production. According to Fred Diaz, President and CEO of Ram Truck Brand, the company "asked Ram Truck customers - boaters, campers, fishing enthusiasts and hunters -what features would they like to see in a truck. They answered "more capability, more room for gear and ready to hit the trail. And make it affordable." Ram Trucks has done their homework well and the results speak for themselves.

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The Outdoorsman is well thought out and executed into a brilliant package that combines everything the outdoor lover would ever need in a truck. Available in 1500,2500 HD, and 3500 HD single rear wheel, Regular Cab, Quad Cab, Crew Cab, and Mega Cab, with a choice of four-wheel or rear-wheel drive and short or long wheelbase, there's a model combination for everyone. Replacing the old TRX4 trim, the Outdoorsman features a two-tone paint job with a Mineral Gray lower, a huge "Outdoorsman" badge, and also black door handles to "minimize glare" and scratch resistant steel bumpers.

Other features include 17-inch wheels, a Standard Class IV receiver hitch, tow hooks, a full-sized spare, mud/slush mates, underbody protection, and a limited-slip differential. On top of this, there are also standard fog lights, quad halogen headlamps, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Sounds complete? Not quite. The most interesting and innovative feature (as well as talking point) on the Outdoorsman is the new fishing-rod and gun-rack option appropriately called the Mopar RamBox Holster.

Designed to fit RamBox-equipped 1500 trucks, this built-in gun-rack is large enough to hold two rifles and/or shotguns and can be rotated 90 degrees to hold up to six fishing rods. Costing a mere $205, the RamBox Holster is a work of genius. Ram Trucks truly listened to what their clientele requested and delivered a clever and extremely functional tool. And with 62 percent of full-size pickup truck owners being active in hunting, fishing, and/or camping, the Outdoorsman stands apart in its own unique way. Neither Ford or GM offer a similar feature.

Ok, so maybe Wayne Campbell has absolutely no need for a gunrack of any sort, no matter if it's hanging in the truck's rear window or integrated in the bed itself. For those who do find themselves needing a proper place to store their hunting weapon(s) of choice, the Outdoorsman provides everything you'll need. Besides the range of configurations, Ram Trucks have improved drastically in a short time in both quality and reliability. And with the large amount of market research done by the company, they've successfully fulfilled the wish lists for many customers.

With a base price of $28,350, the truck is also affordable. In the world of Wayne's World, a simple AMC Pacer will do just fine. For those partaking in the great outdoors and not Aurora, Illinois, the Ram Outdoorsman is the best truck ever built to handle your sporting needs.