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10 Chevrolet Cars That Should NEVER Have Been Made

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Every automaker makes mistakes. These are the Chevys that probably should have died on the drawing board.

1. Chevrolet Vega

Though over 2 million were sold, the Vega is one of the worst cars ever built. It was poorly put together, broke down constantly, and rusted quickly. It was a lesson in cost-cutting.

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2. Chevrolet Monza

The Monza was a case of not living up to the promise of its potential. It looked good but had abysmal power outputs, regardless of the engine. It also suffered from low build quality.

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3. 1975-1980 Chevrolet Corvette

When Chevy first put a catalytic converter in a Corvette, it had no idea what it was doing, and it showed. Despite being a very attractive vehicle, it lost 65 hp over the previous model.

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4. 2000–2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

A failed attempt to revive a classic nameplate, the Monte Carlo was nothing like its predecessor. It was front-wheel drive, made of plastic, and ridiculously styled.

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5. Chevrolet HHR

After Chrysler had marginal success with its retro-styled PT Cruiser, Chevrolet hired the man who designed it to make a retro vehicle, but buyers had learned their lesson already.

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6. Chevrolet Tracker

A car that fell short in almost every category available, the Tracker was a joint venture between GM and Suzuki, which explains why it was basically a knock-off Suzuki SIdekick.

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7. 2006/2007 Chevrolet Malibu SS

While some commuter sedans can be a bit of fun with a punchy engine, nothing could save the mundane Malibu, and the SS badge made zero sense in such a boring FWD car.

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8. 2004-2006 Chevrolet Aveo

This isn't really a failing of Chevrolet's so much as it was GM bullying the automaker into putting its name on a Daewoo. The subcompact had no power and bland styling.

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9. Chevrolet SSR

When everyone scoffed at the idea of Chevy building a roadster pickup, the company took it as a challenge to prove them wrong. But 400 hp was nowhere near enough for a 2-ton truck.

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10. Chevrolet Uplander

This brick on wheels was about as fun to drive as it was to look at, and while it was spacious inside, it was also dated and low quality. It was rebadged several times before it died.

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