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10 Of The Craziest Brabus Creations

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Brabus GmbH was established to give luxury cars a potent performance edge while further honing their inherent comfort characteristics. The result has been some truly incredible premium vehicles.

1. 1988 3.6 S Lightweight

Mercedes' answer to the 1980s BMW M3 was the 190E 3.2 AMG. However, Brabus thought it could do better and put in a lighter 270-hp engine, giving the car a 6.3-second 0-60 mph sprint.

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2. 1996 Brabus E V12

Mercedes is more interested in refinement than speed, so it makes sense that Brabus likes to focus on its cars. It took another E-Class and shoved in a bored-out V12 with 590 hp.

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3. 1998 Brabus M V12

Mercedes' first SUV, the M-Class, had a good V8, but Brabus thought, yet again, that a V12 would be better. The same 590-hp block was used, bumping the top speed up to 162 mph.

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4. Brabus G63 6x6

A 6x6 Mercedes SUV doesn't make sense to many people, but Brabus took it as a challenge, especially after AMG took an interest. The 546-hp V8 was replaced with a 700-hp/708-lb-ft unit.

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5. 2005 Brabus SLR McLaren

The SLR McLaren is already an ultra-refined and quick car, but Brabus refuses to be outdone. A self-locking differential and enhanced engine resulted in an insane 660-hp model.

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6. 2008 Brabus Bullit

The AMG C63 didn't need any help to impress, but when has tuning ever been rational? Brabus replaced the V8 with a twin-turbo V12 making 720 hp, enabling it to hit 224 mph.

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7. Brabus Black Baron

Sometimes looks are as important as performance, and this blacked-out E-Class is proof of concept. It had 800 hp, a sinister aesthetic and a damn cool name with loads of street cred. Top speed was limited to 217 mph.

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8. Brabus 900

Maybach-touched models are the most luxurious in the Mercedes range, so the only thing Brabus can really do is add even more power. The 900 uses a V12 to make 630 hp and 1,106 lb-ft.

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9. Brabus 900 SUV

The 900 SUV is the answer to many a prayer from G-Wagen fans that were horrified to find the V12 engine no longer offered. It uses the same engine as the 900 sedan and 23-inch wheels.

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10. Brabus Rocket 900 Cabrio

And, of course, shoving that crazy V12 into a four-seat convertible is the perfect way to round out the lunacy. In this case, the tuner also enhanced the interior, aero, and wheels.

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