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10 Truly Incredible Porsche Restomods

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Most restomods entail giving a classic car some modern touches or supercharging its performance. Regardless of the end goal, these are the ones who did it best in the booming Porsche restomod segment.

1. Canepa 959SC (Porsche 959)

Bruce Canepa is a Prosche community legend, partly because he found a way to get a street-legal 959 in the US. A Canepa restomod take around 800 hrs or work and results in a 763-hp beast.

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2. Emory RS (Porsche 356 / Porsche 911)

All Emory restomods use an Emory-Rothsport Outlaw-4 engine. This model uses a 356 body with 911 underpinnings and is billed as "ultimate performance in a vintage package."

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3. Gunther Werks 993 (Porsche 911 993-Gen)

Only 25 of these unique restomods were built. They are stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up using fresh parts where necessary, and carbon fiber is introduced into the bodywork.

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4. RUF SCR 2018 (Porsche 911 SC)

RUF claims that this restomod has the "DNA of the 1978 SCR," which was based on the 911 SC. It uses a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and body shell, and a 400-hp 4.0L boxer engine.

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5. Lanzante Porsche 930 TAG Turbo (Porsche 911 930 Gen)

One of the more unassuming restomods out there, the Lanzante 930 shatters that illusion when you look in the engine bay, where a McLaren engine capable of 750-1,000 hp resides.

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6. Straat Porsche 911 (Carrera 3.2)

The Straat 911 takes a different approach, focusing on premium aesthetics over performance. It was restored from the ground up and has gained a coilover suspension and modern brakes.

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7. PS AutoArt Speedster (1989 Porsche 911 Targa)

Paul Stephens is big in the UK Porsche community, and his AutoArt Speedster is an entire bespoke rebuild, from the humpt and wind defector, to the 550 Spyder-inspired interior.

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8. Singer Vehicle Design 'Dynamics and Lightweighting Study' (Porsche 911 964-Gen)

Like all Singer restomods, a 911 is the base. But working in partnership with Scott Blattner, this unique model boasts 500 hp, a Bosch-calibrated ABS, and a bespoke interior.

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9. Paul Stephens Le Mans Classic Clubsport (Porsche 911)

This special Le Mans edition of the 911 is built using 25 years of technical experience. A minimalist approach sees all unnecessary luxuries removed to improve weight and performance.

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10. Autoaktiv Motorsport Lightspeed Classic (Porsche 911 964-Gen)

This restomod places carbon fiber extensions at each corner and widens the rear end. The clutch, transmission, and engine come from different Porsche models that made them best.

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