BMW's New Projector Light System Can Be Seen In Daylight

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Car Manufacturer Using Lights to Generate Unprecedented Versatility.

Lights Upgrading BMW's Vision

BMW's new light projection technology will make it possible to view images and information in all levels of lighting, revolutionizing their cars' illumination system.

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New Technology in Motion

The invention is based on the same sort of lighting system you'll find in headlamps and taillights, with an adjustable angle and breadth of emanence based on the light conditions and space around the car.

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Advanced Projection System

The projector features a light or rain sensor that adjusts its output depending on the environmental conditions, and an actuator to vary how far the light shines.

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Logos Illuminated

Logos and manufacturer signatures are the most obvious application for this technology, particularly at a time when light signatures apparently carry more weight than badges.

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Ahead of the Curve

Ford, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volkswagen are all taking similar steps towards incorporating advanced light systems in their vehicles, but BMW is trying to cater to all light conditions.

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Projecting Traffic Warnings

BMW claims its technology could detect and project images or information forward or backward, and have the capability to observe traffic signs to determine the appropriate light level.

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Light Up the Night

And once the car is cloaked in darkness, the puddle light can illuminate as much as the area as possible in order to provide a clear view.

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