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Buick's New Logo Was A Happy Accident

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Buick is undergoing a metamorphosis, but one of the biggest changes is the new logo, which was just as surprising for the bosses as it was for us.

A brief brief

Designers at the automaker were instructed to imagine the new face, aka front fascia, of a modern electric Buick, but what the project lead got was totally unexpected.

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Providence at work

Early sketches focus largely on the lines and shapes, filling in details later. Therefore, the designer just made a few slashes where the logo would go. It wasn't fixed before delivery.

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Inspiration strikes

When the drawing was shown to GM president Mark Reuss, he was intrigued. With a few more refined touches, it evolved into the new Tri-shield emblem being adopted by Buick.

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A welcome update

As much as logos represent a brand's identity, they should remain current with the times and ignite imaginations. This is the first significant update to Buick's badge in 33 years.

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Fresh-faced for new challenges

"It's sleek and dynamic, and I love that we'll see it on all Buicks going forward into the new era of electrification," says Ruess. FYI, the lucky designer was Geoffrey Richmond.

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