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European Union Delays Vote on Banning Gas-Powered Cars

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Porsche Leads the Charge on Eco-Friendly Synthetic Fuels

New Legislation with a Loophole

Last month, the European Parliament approved a new law to ban CO2 emissions from new vehicles by 2035, but included a loophole for synthetic fuel - pioneered by Porsche.

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Exclusions and Arguments

Exempting low-volume automakers, the law would still affect luxury companies like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche. Germany argued for more clarity on carbon-neutral fuels, while Italy vocally opposed the law altogether.

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Commission Struggles for Support

With discussions ongoing between member states, the European Commission is under pressure to ensure climate targets are met. Italy insists electric cars are not the only path forward.

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Audi Convinced of EVs

Surprisingly, Audi sees EVs as the future and is phasing out its combustion engines in 2033 - though their CEO still fears the limbo of no set plan of action across Europe.

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Still Without Direction

The Commission's proposal is still up in the air and it could be months or years before Europe has full clarity on its plan of action.

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